Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mercury Contamination in Tuna

Natural Resources Defense Council provides the following table to guide people who regularly consume tuna:
If you weigh:Don't eat more than one can every:
White AlbacoreChunk Light
20 lbs10 weeks3 weeks
30 lbs6 weeks2 weeks
40 lbs5 weeks11 days
50 lbs4 weeks9 days
60 lbs3 weeks7 days
70 lbs3 weeks6 days
80 lbs2 weeks6 days
90 lbs2 weeks5 days
100 lbs2 weeks5 days
110 lbs12 days4 days
120 lbs11 days4 days
130 lbs10 days4 days
140 lbs10 days3 days
150+ lbs9 days3 days
Source: Food and Drug Administration test results for mercury and fish, and the Environmental Protection Agency's determination of safe levels of mercury.

Additional information from FDA:

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